Yes! You read it well…

Blast form the past is usually every 2 years but we couldn’t resist it to have a new edition quicker with the reunion of the cultband ACID!

With proud we already announced it on stage during BFTP 2019 that ACID will have their reunionshow in Belgium at Blast from the past.

You might remember ACID did a signingsession with 4 of the 5 original members back in 2017, Now Geert & Kate decided to have a reunion for their 40th anniversary of the band. The band will perform again after 35 years of silence!


Line up:

Anvill Drums (1980-1985, 2019-present)
Kate de Lombaert Vocals (1980-1985, 2019-present)
Philip Ricquier Bass (2019-present)
Rik Priem Guitars (2019-present)
Dries Van Damme Guitars (2019-present)