Diamond Head CANCELLED – Grim Reaper replaces


Sad news for all the Diamond Head fans, because they’re forced to cancel their tour due an unforseen illness.

Diamond Head’s official post:

To all promoters and DH fans!

The band wishes to express its deepest regret that due to an unforeseen illness it cannot fulfill its current touring obligations. It is with much sadness that we have to cancel the upcoming shows. We hope that you will understand that this was not a decision we made lightly.
We are currently rescheduling as soon as possible, thank you for understanding.

With this we were searching for a new headliner, but as everyone knows 2 weeks before the festival this is not an easy task!

We contacted a lot of bands but just a few could make it!!

As result that the NWOBHM band GRIM REAPER (Uk) will replace Diamond head and will now CO-headline the festival together with Quartz!
As result both bands will play a bit longer!

I hope everyone is happy with this decision and understands this difficult unforeseen circumstance!


Biography Tytan


NWOBHM Band Tytan:  Formed by ex-Angelwitch bassman Kev ‘Skidz’ Riddles in the early 80’s, Tytan emerging from the NWOBHM scene with the album “Rough Justice”.
The Band Re-formed in 2012 to play Keep It True and since then, saw various gigs across the Uk & Europe….now the follow up to Rough Justice is under construction…the “Justice Served” album…new tracks feature in current sets.
Catch Tytan across Uk, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Greece & Germany this year…\m/

Biography Tysondog



An English heavy metal band formed in Newcastle, in the year 1983 during the NWOBHM boom. They quickly signed to Neat Records and issued their debut single ‘Eat the Rich’ that same year. 1984 saw their first full-length, ‘Beware of the Dog,’ which was produced by none other than Cronos of Venom. Cronos even perfomed backing vocals on the track “Demon” (listen for him in the chorus). An EP, ‘Shoot to Kill’ was released in 1985, and was followed the next year by the ‘Crimes of Insanity’ LP, which, along with the single and Alice Cooper cover ‘School’s Out,’ Thrash metal had come to dominate the metal underground, and Tysondog with Castle released ‘Painted Heroes’ in 2002, a collection of both full-length albums and the ‘Shoot to Kill’ EP.


Biography The Deep


The Deep (UK)

For some people The Deep may be a comparatively new name to the metal and rock scene, but the genesis of the band goes way back to the early eighties. In fact, the band and its members have connections to a multitude of NWOBHM and rock outfits from that time.
Their 2015 ‘debut’ album Premonition is in no way a copy or hollow echo of days gone by. All but one of the songs on the album were written and performed by the band during the early to mid-1980s. As such, the music on the album is truly embedded within and representative of the musical style of that time – and in particular, the NWOBHM genre. Premonition is very much the album they would have made over thirty years ago, if they could have secured a record deal back then.
Not only have The Deep developed a reputation for excellent musicianship and powerful song-writing, but it is in their live performances where they excel. The band believes in giving everything they can during their live shows, and audiences respond in kind.
The band will continue touring during 2017, but they are also busy recording songs for an up-coming EP, which they hope to release during the summer, and a new album which will be released at the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

The Deep are:
Tony Coldham – Vocals
Paul Smith – Guitars & Vocals
Mick Feleppa – Guitars & Vocals
Phil Reeve – Bass & Vocals
Fraser Powell – Drums & Percussion

Biography Spartan Warrior


Added: Spartan Warrior (Uk)!

New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, Spartan Warrior, was formed in the North East of England in the Autumn of 1980.

Between 1980 and 1982 the band carved themselves a solid reputation on the live circuit before attracting the attention of Guardian Studios.

Spartan Warrior recorded two tracks “Steel n Chains” and “Easy Prey/Comes as no Surprise” which featured on the Guardian Studios compilation album “Pure Overkill” in 1983.

Later that same year Spartan Warrior recorded and released their first full length album “Steel n’ Chains”.

Such was the response to the release of the bands full length debut that Spartan Warrior signed to Roadrunner and 1984 heralded the release of the bands second self titled album with world wide release.

With the possibility of a significant touring schedule ahead and against a background of competing band and personal interests Spartan Warrior split in 1985 before realising their full potential.

Like so many n.w.o.b.h.m bands of the day neither fate nor luck had been on the side of Spartan Warrior… however, the birth of the world wide web saw Spartan Warrior’s music reaching fans old and new achieving heavy metal cult status and almost demanding that the band return.

And return they did, reforming in 2008 with four original members including Neil Wilkinson (Guitars) and David Wilkinson (Vocals).

In 2009 Spartan Warrior recorded their third full length album “Behind Closed Eyes”.

2010 saw the release of “Behind Closed Eyes” on the Iron Age label to critical acclaim.

In late 2010 Spartan Warrior played their first live show since 1985 to a rapturous reception at Hard Rock Hell Festival joining a bill that boasted from the Nwobhm ranks Marseille, Saracen, Battleaxe and Saxon.

In 2011 Spartan Warrior played a number of select UK shows before heading to the legendary Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany where the band opened Saturday’s proceedings.

Spartan Warrior very quickly re- established their reputation as a stunning live band playing a series of UK gigs alongside the likes of Holocaust, Blitzkrieg Avenger, Tysondog and Manilla Road.

Going from strength to strength Spartan Warrior featured at the inaugural Brofest 2013 in Newcastle with their performance being described by Nwobhm officianado and author Mark Gregory as “a master class in heavy metal”. By popular demand Spartan Warrior returned to Brofest in 2014.

Spartan Warrior have featured at many European festivals including Dr Metal Fest Spain , Ages of Metal Belgium, Rock You to Hell Greece, Heavy Sound Festival Belgium and have played alongside such metal legends as Praying Mantis, Diamond Head, Tygers of Pan Tang, Medieval Steel and the legendary Raven.

With a new album in the making and the prospect of a release in 2017 through a new label, Spartan Warrior are to take their own brand of slaughter to the road.

Biography Diamond Head


After Diamond Head had to cancel their show on Blast From The Past 2015, they’re back & with a new album!

Diamond Head were one of the first NWOBHM bands and were poised for success from the very beginning. Sounds (and later Kerrang!) journalist Geoff Barton even proclaimed that “there are more good riffs in a single Diamond Head song than there are in the first four Black Sabbath albums”.

Signed to MCA Records, they were hyped as “the new Led Zeppelin”, yet after two albums on that label (the latter, Canterbury, a very expensive production), they were still not playing big stages. MCA Records dropped them and they split up for the first time in 1985.

They got some major recognition after Metallica covered their songs (to this day, Metallica have covered an album’s worth of Diamond Head songs), and when Lars Ulrich featured them (twice) on his New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited compilation.

They reunited in 1991 with a good label deal and a new album featuring guest appearances by Tony Iommi and Dave Mustaine, yet success still largely escaped them.

They broke up again in 1994 and reformed in 2002


Biography Salem


Salem (UK)


The band was formed following the split of the new wave of British heavy metal band Ethel The Frog. Salem recorded three demos and a single in the early 1980s; a compilation album of these recordings was released in 2010.
The band re-formed (aka Salem UK) in 2009 and has since released two new EPs “New Tricks” and “X Rated” EP, and the albums “Forgotten Dreams” (2013) and “Dark Days” (2016).
Salem has also filmed two videos and has played numerous festivals and gigs in UK, across Europe and beyond.
A re-mastered and rearranged edition of the 2010 “In The Beginning …” album was released in July 2015. New album “Dark Days” has been met with rave reviews and considered one to the top albums of 2016.