Bütcher added!

🔥💥Bütcher Speed Metal added! 👉Speed/Black/Heavy metal – as a rapid growing force, set out to create the ultimate blend of all things related to 80’s metal, Bütcher is dedicated to bring unadulterated metal pleasures to the masses with a ripping live show full of Metal energy. Songs branded on the legacy of Slayer, Hellhammer, Bathory, Manowar, […]

Vultures Vengeance (IT) added!

🔥Vultures Vengeance (Rome, Italy) added to the line-up. 🔥 Vultures Vengeance will have an exclusive show on Blast From The Past w/ Acid, Cyclone & Witchfynde! Necromancer bandmembers Matt Savage, Tony T. Steele & Nail formed the traditional heavy metal band Vultures Vengeance in 2009. They released a brand new full length album “the Knightlore” in […]

Line-up completed!

We’re happy to show you our fully updated poster here below! Tickets are already available here:  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW Hard tickets are available inly in the region but E-tickets ill be exchanged into hardtickets at the entrance anyway! LAST ANNOUNCEMENTS: Asomvel, formed in 1992 – United Kingdom is giving you some good heavy metal […]