Blast From The Past 2013

The metalfest Blast From The Past is founded in 2013. My parents were 25 year
together and I wanted to celebrate that! My father and I started with the idea of
having 2-3 bands, but that escalated into 10 bands!! Oops! But why not…
The bands were: Enchantress (B), Back Attack (B), Eternal Breath(B), Wizz Wizzard
(B), Dyscordia (B), Hitten (E), Methusalem (NL), Holocaust (UK), Ostrogoth (B) and
Afterparty the coverband Back to back (B).
So we organized the festival and my mother knew nothing about it. Until between 2
bands we told her everything ON STAGE.
This is how the festival began. We had a full venue, and a lot of people asked us to
have a second edition, so there it is!