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Biography Tytan

  NWOBHM Band Tytan:  Formed by ex-Angelwitch bassman Kev ‘Skidz’ Riddles in the early 80’s, Tytan emerging from the NWOBHM scene with the album “Rough Justice”. The Band Re-formed in 2012 to play Keep It True and since then, saw various gigs across the Uk & Europe….now the follow up to Rough Justice is under […]

Biography Tysondog

  Tysondog (UK) ADDED TO THE LINE UP ON DECEMBER 9TH ! An English heavy metal band formed in Newcastle, in the year 1983 during the NWOBHM boom. They quickly signed to Neat Records and issued their debut single ‘Eat the Rich’ that same year. 1984 saw their first full-length, ‘Beware of the Dog,’ which […]

Biography The Deep

  The Deep (UK) For some people The Deep may be a comparatively new name to the metal and rock scene, but the genesis of the band goes way back to the early eighties. In fact, the band and its members have connections to a multitude of NWOBHM and rock outfits from that time. Their […]

Biography Spartan Warrior

  Added: Spartan Warrior (Uk)! New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, Spartan Warrior, was formed in the North East of England in the Autumn of 1980. Between 1980 and 1982 the band carved themselves a solid reputation on the live circuit before attracting the attention of Guardian Studios. Spartan Warrior recorded two tracks “Steel […]

Biography Diamond Head

  After Diamond Head had to cancel their show on Blast From The Past 2015, they’re back & with a new album! Diamond Head were one of the first NWOBHM bands and were poised for success from the very beginning. Sounds (and later Kerrang!) journalist Geoff Barton even proclaimed that “there are more good riffs […]

Biography Salem

  Salem (UK) MORE BANDS TBA THIS WEEKEND The band was formed following the split of the new wave of British heavy metal band Ethel The Frog. Salem recorded three demos and a single in the early 1980s; a compilation album of these recordings was released in 2010. The band re-formed (aka Salem UK) in […]


Blast From The Past 2013 The metalfest Blast From The Past is founded in 2013. My parents were 25 year together and I wanted to celebrate that! My father and I started with the idea of having 2-3 bands, but that escalated into 10 bands!! Oops! But why not… The bands were: Enchantress (B), Back […]