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This website, including subdomains and services offered, is managed by Loud and Proud VZW with registered office at:
Molenaarsstraat 1 
8550 Zwevegem

Company number: BE0650.885.935

Ticket sales and the www.bftpfestival.com site are also the responsibility of Loud and Proud VZW.


This text defines every use of the website, as well as the various services offered through this website (ticket sales, accommodation reservation, bus reservation, etc.). As soon as one enters the website as a user, they declare to agree with the General Terms and Conditions of the event mentioned below. If you do not agree with our website and / or these terms and conditions, we can only recommend that you no longer use them.

Our General Terms and Conditions of the event always contain a reference to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

We can decide at any time to change our General Terms and Conditions, without this giving rise to any form of compensation. Of course, every change only has effect from the future.


Every user of our website, including services, is aware that this use is always at your own risk. We take all necessary measures that a proper functioning of our website and ticket sales considers necessary. However, we cannot give absolute guarantees. It is therefore possible for the user to suffer damage due to errors and / or viruses or other similar harmful components. We cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of the website, including its services.

Our website may contain certain downloadable elements or pages with links that link to other websites or portals. Any download or referral is always at your own risk. Damage due to loss of data or damage to the computer system is entirely and solely the responsibility of the user.


Every user of our website and offered services leaves information about himself. This amount of information varies as more actions are taken during his visit. Depending on the information, it is possible that a natural person can be identified. At that time we collect and process personal data.
The following Privacy Policy applies to the website www.bftpfestival.com and the related domain names. This Privacy Policy and the associated processing of personal data has been elaborated in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data and its implementing decrees (the Privacy Act).
You can visit the Website freely and consult information about the organization, programming and additional services, without having to provide personal data. In general, a visit and consultation of the Website does not automatically lead to registration and processing of the user’s personal data. The processing of personal data of users who visit and consult the Website is limited to so-called surfing data, that is to say data relating to the functioning of the information systems with which the Website is managed and in connection with the use of communication protocols on the Internet automatically sent to the Website (such as an IP address). The surf data is deleted after anonymised processing, but can be used to determine who is responsible in case of criminal offenses committed against or via the Website.
Furthermore, Loud and Proud VZW registers and processes the personal data that is voluntarily provided by the user (eg: subscription to the newsletter, purchase of products or services via the Website, etc.). The personal data registered and processed by Loud and Proud VZW generally include: the name, first name, email address, telephone number and home address if the user provides this information. Whenever the user provides personal data, these will be used by Loud and Proud VZW for administrative and contractual purposes. For ticket sales, competitions, newsletters or other, Loud and Proud VZW processes all necessary information to provide an optimal service.
By providing her / his personal data via the Website, the user of the Website expressly gives permission to Loud and Proud VZW to process it for the stated purposes.
The personal data entered via the Website will be stored and processed via an electronic system managed by Loud and Proud VZW in a closed and secure environment. This data will only be available to a certain number of persons appointed and able to handle this data.


By participating in the festival, the festival goer waives his / her portrait right on the festival site. The festival-goer therefore renounces any prosecution against the organization in the event of registering or distributing his / her image at the festival or on the communication channels, printed or digital. However, the festival-goer can always contact the organization via info@bftpfestival.com regarding an incriminating photo that is used on the various media channels.
Without prior written permission from the organization, no images taken by festival visitors may be used for commercial or public purposes.



There is no minimum age to access Blast From The Past festivals and club shows. Minors are advised to be accompanied by a parent, guardian and / or adult. Everyone, regardless of age, including children and babies, must present a valid entry ticket. Taking children to a busy area with loud music is never without danger. With the purchase of an entrance ticket, all responsibility is placed in the hands of the parents.
Under no circumstances should alcoholic beverages be sold or offered to under-16s.

Our General Terms and Conditions of the event always contain a reference to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

We can decide at any time to change our General Terms and Conditions, without this giving rise to any form of compensation. Of course, every change only has effect from the future.

The festival-goers are asked to participate in the cleanliness of the festival site.

Prohibited articles on the festival grounds:

• Alcohol
• Plastic bottles (water bottles, milk bottles, …)
• Glass bottles or any other glass object
• Water bottles
• Metal tin (canned)
• Beverage cartons (tetra)
• Cans
• Barrels
• Water bags (type CamelBak)
• Coolers / fridge boxes
• Narcotic drugs, drugs
• Weapons, sharp objects (even counterfeiting)
• Umbrellas with pointed ends
• Fireworks, Bengal fire, flares, …
• Barbecues
• Camping equipment (tent, chairs, camping fire,…)
• Large pockets
• Video and / or audio recording material (except smartphones), speakers, megaphone
• Selfie stick
• Laser pointer
• Markers
• Paint bombs
• Distribution of flyers, brochures (except with permission)
• Animals (except guide dogs, with prior permission from the organization)
• The use of drones
And everything that can be considered dangerous by the organization. This list can be modified or supplemented by the organization at any time.
Any sales activity not approved by the organization is formally prohibited. Everything that is seized is destroyed on the spot.


Blast From The Past festivals & club shows have zero tolerance for drugs! It is forbidden to consume drugs on and around the site. Any violation of the law can lead to the removal of the festival site. Drug trafficking is prohibited on the festival grounds and leads to removal from the festival grounds and police intervention.

Force majeure

In the case of force majeure in which Loud & Proud VZW is forced to cancel its event(s), the organization will first make a well-considered consideration to postpone the event to another date in the future. When an event of Loud & Proud VZW is postponed, all tickets in presale are automatically transferred to the postponed date. Only if the event is not postponed to a new date will a refund be guaranteed to the buyer of a ticket. The buyer is always informed via e-mail or social media channels.

The organization is always free to adjust the programming of its event if they consider this necessary. Changing the programming does not result in a refund of the already purchased entrance ticket.


Access to the festival and the car parks is reserved for persons who have an entrance ticket, a festival wristband or those who intend to purchase a ticket.
The opening hours of the festival with start and end hours will be clearly communicated at least 1 week in advance via all media channels of Blast From The Past festivals & club shows (facebook, website, instagram,…)


For security reasons, the organization is allowed to search the festival entrance. Any festival goer who does not agree to this may be denied access to the festival site.
The festival-goer always follows the instructions of the safety personnel. When a festival-goer notices suspicious behavior among other festival-goers, he / she is requested to inform the safety personnel present. The organization reserves the right to deny access to the festival site to festivalgoers whose behavior may endanger the safety of her / him or other festivalgoers.


It is forbidden to sell anything on the festival site. The sale of food, drink, souvenirs, T-shirts, or other is strictly reserved to persons, associations and companies approved by the organization.


By purchasing a festival ticket, you expressly agree that you as a visitor are bound by the General Terms and Conditions and Sales Conditions of the festival. Any violation of this regulation will be punished.
Loud and Proud VZW reserves the right to deny access to the festival to anyone in the event that circumstances warrant. If you do not comply with these regulations, you are always the only person liable. You must guarantee any damage to Loud and proud VZW or third parties as a result of non-compliance with these regulations. In addition, Loud and Proud VZW reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures itself.
Under no circumstances can the artists and organizers, their agents and their employees be held liable – even in cases of force majeure – for loss, damage or theft, nor for any accident that may occur. The official sale of derivative products of the festival only takes place on the festival grounds.


If the organization fails to implement one or the other clause of these terms and conditions, this cannot be considered a renunciation of the agreement. The invalidity of any clause of this agreement does not affect the validity of the other clauses in any way.


In case of dispute, only the courts of the district in which the headquarters of Loud and Proud VZW are competent. Only Belgian law is valid. Submit a complaint online on the “ODR PLATFORM for all your online consumer disputes”: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr