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❌ONLINE TICKETSALE STARTS SUNDAY 13H/1PM LOCAL TIME❌ (Dutch translation below) ‼️IMPORTANT: ONLY 200 TICKETS AVAILABLE‼️ When we have more news from our government about the maximum capacity of indoor events, we will increase the number of tickets. (Note: Ticket sale for both Belgian Blast Festival and Blast From The Past! 200 tickets available per event […]

Bütcher added!

🔥💥Bütcher Speed Metal added! 👉Speed/Black/Heavy metal – as a rapid growing force, set out to create the ultimate blend of all things related to 80’s metal, Bütcher is dedicated to bring unadulterated metal pleasures to the masses with a ripping live show full of Metal energy. Songs branded on the legacy of Slayer, Hellhammer, Bathory, Manowar, […]

Vultures Vengeance (IT) added!

🔥Vultures Vengeance (Rome, Italy) added to the line-up. 🔥 Vultures Vengeance will have an exclusive show on Blast From The Past w/ Acid, Cyclone & Witchfynde! Necromancer bandmembers Matt Savage, Tony T. Steele & Nail formed the traditional heavy metal band Vultures Vengeance in 2009. They released a brand new full length album “the Knightlore” in […]

Cyclone added!

🔥NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!🔥 The past few days have been craaaazy…We feel so sorry for all event organisors who had to cancel events due to COVID-19… Who would have ever thought some virus could have such an impact, not only on events but everyone’s life has been turned upside down… Big thank you to all health workers, […]

Witchfynde added!

Newly announced: Witchfynde “Nwobhm” will perform at Blast From The Past Festival 2020🔥 🎵Witchfynde are a British metal Band from the Midlands formed on ‘Candlemass’ 1976 and who recorded their first album, Give Em’ Hell, for Rondelet Records, in 1980. Hailed as one of the pioneers of the The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal ( NWOBHM ) […]

ACID – First announcement 2020!

Yes! You read it well… Blast form the past is usually every 2 years but we couldn’t resist it to have a new edition quicker with the reunion of the cultband ACID! With proud we already announced it on stage during BFTP 2019 that ACID will have their reunionshow in Belgium at Blast from the […]

Fist Cancelled – Dark Sky Choir is in

With deep regrets we have to announce another cancellation. FIST won’t be able to perform at Blast From The Past festival this year due to serious illness of the drummer Harry. We wish him a quick recovery and hope to have them back another year! These unforeseen circumstances made us look for a good replacement […]

Official 2019 festival merchand;ise is out NOW!

Finally the 2019 festival merchandise is out! This time we have some limited sweaters and zip hoodies. We also added some limited “loud & proud” merchandise, which is named to the name of the organisation! Items can be ordered by mail (shipped , + extra costs), in person, or ofcourse at the festival! This year’s […]